The Devil in Detail

You just had to do it, didn’t you? Of course you did. You’re interested in Satanism: you desire the full truth, all knowledge, major and minor arcana, the works. That’s why the unslakable thirst of your heretic soul has brought you here, to the Devil in detail.

On this page, you’ll find links to the full-forms of all the posts on the site. Be warned: some are very lengthy, stretching to between ten and twenty thousand words apiece. Hopefully you find them fun, well-written, and informative as well as challenging, owing to their greater length. Have fun!

Declaring yourself a Satanist

Satanism, Evil, Universal Freedom of Will and Bodily Autonomy

What is the Left-Hand Path?

I am who I am: The essential non-truth-conditionality of identity-claims as pure expressives

The illusion of Christian unity and dominance in the U.S.: American religious pluralism is real

American Religious Pluralism is Real, Pt. 2

American Religious Pluralism is Real, Pt. 3

Why Babette’s Feast is really about Satanism and a really inspirational film for any New Year

A Celebration of Religious Freedom

“New Year—New You” and the Inherent Unfairness of Our Quest for a “Just World”

Unscrupulous Hugs

Satanic Belonging

Tanis, Egypt: Satan’s Citadel or Unholy Translational Error?

When Art Isn’t Just for Art’s Sake: The Uses of an Ugly Aesthetic in Satanism

Wretched Writ: The Dirty Apologetics of Bad Religious Writing

Pirates, Satanists, and the New Horizon of Human Groupishness

A Satanic Duty to Disavow?

In God “We” Don’t Trust

On Parricide

Save the Children

“The Devil’s Fane” origin story: The phrase, dummy, not the website

Plugging Away at Plugging In: The Satanics of (Re)connection

Paraklausithyron: Of barred entry, wasted effort, and working on the right side of every locked door

Dangerous Exceptionalism

Communication as Imposition: The Satanics of so-called Free Speech

If Communication is Imposition, Missionaries are among the most Imposing of all Communicators

The Strange Solipsism of Traditional Religion

Brahma Kumaris: The Relatively New BK Religious Movement Peddling the Same Old BS Religious Mindfucks, a Personal Reflection

Abundance and Ownership: Competing Claims on the Complicated Life of Words and Symbols

The Limits of Legibility

Free Your Mind

Not Today, Santa: I Have Seen the Father of Lies, and He is Us

On Being Open or The Curse of the Seeker

The politics of pee on the 4th of July

Fiction, Reality, and Minimal Counterintuitiveness: The Truth of Festivus

Externalization, Satanic Uniqueness, and the Theistic/Atheistic Debate

Across the (A)Theistic Divide: Consubstantiality in the Unholy Trinity of Theology, Diabology, and Anthropology

Make it New!

What Counts as Religion and How is Satanism One?

The Questionable Merit of Tying Knots: How Religio has Us All Bound Up in Them

Entremets: Where are all the good men dead? In the heart or in the head?

Satanism, Epicureanism, and the Unbinding of Religio

Animum nodis exsolvere: Unknotting the Mind and Freeing the Self from Self-Imposed Bonds, Part I

Animum nodis exsolvere: Unknotting the Mind and Freeing the Self from Self-Imposed Bonds, Part II, On Novelty, Fear, Death, & Wonder

Neophilia & Neophobia, Fear v. Wonder: Differential Effects of the Sublime on Closed and Opened Minds

Immediate-Returnism and Delayed-Returnism as Exocentricity and Endocentricity, Respectively

Animum nodis exsolvere: Unknotting the Mind and Freeing the Self from Self-Imposed Bonds, Part III or How Religiones limit personal experience

Satanism: The Contra(ry)religion

What’s Ailing Modern Satanism?

Demonization in the Time of COVID-19

The only thing we have to fear…

A Come-to-Jesus Moment about Come-to-Jesus Moments