You just had to do it, didn’t you? Of course you did. You’re interested in Satanism: you desire the full truth, all knowledge, major and minor arcana, the works. That’s why the unslakable thirst of your heretic soul has brought you here, to the Devil in detail.

On this page, you’ll find links to the full-forms of all the posts on the site. Be warned: some are very lengthy, stretching to between ten and twenty thousand words apiece. Hopefully you find them fun, well-written, and informative as well as challenging, owing to their greater length. Have fun!

Declaring yourself a Satanist

Satanism, Evil, Universal Freedom of Will and Bodily Autonomy

What is the Left-Hand Path?

I am who I am: The essential non-truth-conditionality of identity-claims as pure expressives

Danica Roem, Lucien’s Law, and Why the silencing of public religion kills a tough conversation we all need to have

The illusion of Christian unity and dominance in the U.S.: American religious pluralism is real

American Religious Pluralism is Real, Pt. 2

American Religious Pluralism is Real, Pt. 3

Why Babette’s Feast is really about Satanism and a really inspirational film for any New Year

A Celebration of Religious Freedom

“New Year—New You” and the Inherent Unfairness of Our Quest for a “Just World”

Unscrupulous Hugs