Why this Website?

The Devil’s Fane blog provides a record of a Satanic life and the Satanic thought that undergirds it. The biases reflected here tend toward atheism, rationalism, political engagement, and a humanitarian and ecological regard for other beings as a direct consequence of sovereignty of will and bodily autonomy as truly universal principles.

I decided to write this blog in part because of the sad state of modern Satanism. Much of these woes stem from the nature and modi operandi of various Satanic groups and their attendant forms of Satanic groupishness. But some of them, honestly, stem from a rather more fundamental philosophical and semantic issue with the very words and concept of Satanists and Satanism. For more on that particular weighty topic, see the post here.

Of course, I’ve written about the need to make Satanism new, and how, which you can find by clicking here.

To quote the words of a French socialist upon encountering the environs that would one day become part of the city of Dallas: “What fields of action” now lie open to those of us eager and willing to strike out on truly novel (and usually solitary) Satanic paths! It’s a brave new world indeed.