Satanists tend to be self-motivated, driven people. Some fix their sights on externalized personal goals like fortune, fame, or power. Others aim for political change. Still others just want to create art, spread ideas, or maybe simply seek out and taste new physical pleasures. As a result, Satanists tend to be busy people, just like you. Because we’re all so busy, time is precious and waste can be ruinous.

This purpose of this page is to provide links to five-minute-or-less executive summaries of the posts that appear elsewhere on the site in longer—often much longer—form. Each summary links to the full piece. The first link is to one of the welcome pages of the site. The short essay there doesn’t have a corresponding long-form, but gives a good quick impression of the breadth and diversity of Satanic paths. If you’re brave (or maybe reckless) enough to just want to go ahead and look on the long-form posts in all their protracted glory, click here instead.

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