The Devil in Brief

I’m a linguist by vocation and formal training. As such, languages have long been a hobby of mine, as well as objects of intellectual scrutiny.

One of my favorite series of self-study language guides has always been the British Teach Yourself books. Several years back, the publishers of that series retooled their language-learning product line, rechristening the books Complete [Insert Name of Language Here] and beginning each one with as many as three different introductions geared to provide only a very little or a relatively full amount of information depending on whether you, the reader, had just five, ten, or fifteen minutes to spare in reading them.

Think of this Devil in Brief page as a version of the Teach Yourself books’ graded introductions. It’s a place where you can accomplish two principal aims.

First, you can read answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Satan, Satanism, and this website. You’ll find these responses in the cascading menu items under the The Devil in Brief tab.

Second, you can peruse links to five-minute-or-less executive summaries of the posts that appear elsewhere on the site in longer—often much longer—form. Each summary links to the full piece. If you’re brave (or maybe reckless) enough to just want to go ahead and look on the long-form posts in all their protracted glory, click here instead.

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