A Come-to-Jesus Moment about Come-to-Jesus Moments

The phrase “a come-to-jesus moment” has in recent decades taken on something of a more figurative, secular meaning in the English language. It now indicates any time of realization of and rededication to a new and better path. The expression can even refer to the difficult conversation or confrontation—the “intervention,” if you will—needed in order … Continue reading A Come-to-Jesus Moment about Come-to-Jesus Moments

Make it New!

In a 1928 English translation of a Chinese Confucian classic, modernist poet Ezra Pound evinced what would become his characteristic injunction and the inspirational dictum of poetic modernism: “Make it new.” Some 2,228 or so years earlier, the Hellenistic poet Callimachus, scholar in the Ptolemaic institution that was the Library at Alexandria, Egypt, reported in … Continue reading Make it New!