Some musings on the Satanism (and linguistics) of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Last night, as I again watched the immortal 1989 comedy classic Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, four thoughts occurred to me.  First, the film contains a nice illustration of the “we” problem I discussed in my recent essay on the United States’ motto, official just since 1956, of “In God We Trust.” When Bill and [...]

Why Babette’s Feast is really about Satanism and a really inspirational film for any New Year

For longer than the decade we’ve been officially married, my wife and I have shared a handful of filmic traditions around New Year’s. Some of those traditions—like watching the 1997 comedy Spice World that centers on the smash nineties’ pop girl-group sensation the Spice Girls—will forever remain acquired tastes. I wouldn’t recommend them to just [...]