Musings on back to school and cycles repeating themselves

Children make you begin to see time more in cycles. Had Nietzsche ever bothered to have kids, he would doubtless not have worried so over the concept of the Eternal Return. Living day in, day out with miniature versions of yourself that reflect back to you every regrettable word and deeply flawed behavioral trait forces [...]

Save the Children

I was 14 when I first traveled to Europe. It was the summer of 1991. I had gone with my mother and brother to visit two exchange students who had stayed with my family in the U.S. in recent years. Puberty pressed within me in those days with all the urgency of a volcanic fissure. [...]

On Parricide

The customary repertoire of motherese among the semi-nomadic Penan Geng of Borneo includes what is, to our Western ears, a rather grotesque element. Penan Geng mothers regularly coo to their babies and small children such epithets as “no-mother,” “mother-dead,” and “decomposing mother.” In the unfortunate event that the mothers should actually die, these macabre names [...]