Entremets: Where are all the good men dead? In the heart or in the head?

When actress Minnie Driver’s character Debi Newberry utters the words that form the title of this essay in the 1997 movie Grosse Pointe Blank, her concern is entirely personal. She wonders where the good men are out in the world and why the ones she feels attracted to, like “the man who vanished” Martin Blank [...]

When Art Isn’t Just for Art’s Sake: The Uses of an Ugly Aesthetic in Satanism

Confession Satanists tend to be proud sinners, so they probably shouldn’t have much in the way of confessions to make. For the most part, that’s true of me as well, but I do have one small one to get off my chest. I really don’t care for death metal or extreme metal or black metal [...]

Why Babette’s Feast is really about Satanism and a really inspirational film for any New Year

For longer than the decade we’ve been officially married, my wife and I have shared a handful of filmic traditions around New Year’s. Some of those traditions—like watching the 1997 comedy Spice World that centers on the smash nineties’ pop girl-group sensation the Spice Girls—will forever remain acquired tastes. I wouldn’t recommend them to just [...]