More Deviltry

If you crave more reading about the Devil and modern Satanism, here are a few blogs and additional resources you might check out. I don’t endorse, agree with, or even necessarily enjoy reading all of these, but they are among the materials by self-professed practicing Satanists that I have consulted in the past and, at times, continue to turn to for amusement, inspiration, information, and/or to keep up to date with the modern Satanic world.

Chroniques Sataniques: Opinions et Analyses d’un Sataniste de Gauche

Church of Satan

Cimminnee Holt: Academia, Travel, Cats, Magic

Das Satanhaus: A Coven of Esoteric Satanists from Southeast Michigan

Femme Diabolique: Thoughts and Life of a Satanic University Student

Ordo Sororitatis Satanicae: A private religious order, cloistered in Missouri

Reddit: r/satanism

Satanic Muses: The Lives and Loves of Three Satanic Women