More Deviltry

If you crave more reading about the Devil and modern Satanism, here are a few blogs by friends and colleagues that I enjoy. The viewpoints they express do not necessarily reflect my own, and that’s probably precisely why I like reading them. If you have a moment, take a look!

Left-Hand Tarot: Diabolical Adventures in Divination, Tarot, Lesser Magic, and Satanism

Sanctus Invictus: Find the Light Through the Darkness

Satanic San Francisco: Community Building – Political Activism – Individual Liberty

Lilith Starr: The Happy Satanist

Ash Astaroth: The Satanic Temple of NYC

For Infernal Use Only: Audi Preces Meas

Satanic Underground Network

Das Satanhaus: A Coven of Esoteric Satanists from Southeast Michigan

Cimminnee Holt: Academia, Travel, Cats, Magic

Chroniques Sataniques: Opinions et Analyses d’un Satanisme de Gauche