That man needs a teal deer!

Bordering on tl;dr, but…

Boy do I get sick of hearing about how long my essays are! I remember as an undergraduate, tasked with writing a ten-page paper but finding myself on page fifteen and still going strong, I approached the prof. A West Point grad, this particular instructor didn’t mince words: “You will have twenty pages and not one word more; and don’t you think that I won’t go through what words you’ve got with a fine-toothed comb for any hint of wordiness or repetition.” In the end, though, he praised the paper in no uncertain terms: “This would have been an impressive effort even for a graduate student.” If only he had found grave fault with my twenty-pages: I might have had greater occasion for self-doubt; you all might have been spared my continuing verbosity.

But I get it: I really do. What people want out of blogs these days are quick, easily digestible morsels of thought, not whole, lavish banquets that give you stomach pains just looking at them. That’s why I’m offering this page. Its title is intended to evoke a breezy, carefree attitude of just brief thoughts, written up with brevity, and put out into the void for fast-and-easy consumption. Think of these pieces as amuse-bouches for the mind. Enjoy!

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Between Resistance and Happiness: The Good Life of Simple Contentment

Ancient Languages are Like Loaded Weapons: Never Use Them Unless You’ve Been Trained to Do So OR “Why Google Translate is NOT Your Friend”

The Abundant Nonsense of Liberal Moral Scarcity

You Don’t “Lose” Virginity, You Gain Experience…and Pleasure, if done right

Where your religion belongs

The Quixotic Nature of Faith

The Unexpected Satanic Gift of Skating

The Satanics of Roller Skating I: Skating on Sidewalk Terms

The Satanics of Roller Skating II: Getting Over Your Self Out on the Floor

The Satanics of Roller Skating III: Skating as Reverse Dominance

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A July 4th History Lesson: We’re Still on Repeat