Speech, Sex, and Imposition

The purpose of this post is to chart some specifically Satanic religious ground in the debate over free speech within liberal democracies. I argue for a position on communication as imposition and maintain that the frequent calls from free speech advocates for meeting hate speech with simply more speech from its intended victims in the [...]

Seeking Superiority Over Others Doesn’t Make You Exceptional; It Makes You Common

It sure is awkward when a conservative, right-wing Christian Dominionist ends up echoing the Church of Satan's and modern Luciferian arguments against the very concept of equality. In this case, the Devil and the Church seem best friends because they're both advancing the same line of argumentation: we're special; others are not; therefore, equality is [...]

Who is the “We” who Trust in God?

A recent unhappy verdict in a Chicago-area Satanist's legal battle against the post-1956 U.S. Motto "In God We Trust" on paper currency prompts some reflections on how atheistic Satanists and secularists might frame arguments against the increasingly ubiquitous appearance of those words on everything from money to government envelopes and police cruisers to the walls [...]