Addendum to “Demonization in the Time of COVID-19”

The previous essay entitled “Demonization in the Time of COVD-19” took a look at pandemic denialism among far-right religious and political leadership and laypeople alike, suggesting that much of it resulted from their peculiar form of demonization that doesn’t actually take demons all that seriously. This addendum returns to this material to take a brief look specifically at the Christian-Nationalist COVID-19 discourse as it relates to the topic and theme of fear. In short: they demonize fear. As a Satanist who welcomes demons, then, I argue that fear is far from a sin or something shameful, but should be embraced, even reveled in, as it contains the potential not only to spice life up a bit and preserve us from the doldrums (especially important in this hour of quarantine), but also to keep us from making disastrous moves in the name of ideology, such as pretending we can all already just go back to “normal.” Unless you’re yellow with fear yourself, click here for the full story.   

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