Are You Serious?

We Satanists often get asked by folks whether we’re serious about Satan and our Satanism. Usually, these questions are rhetorical or satirical in nature, the interrogators already more than obviously assuming we must not be serious because no sane person would be about such a thing, right? Cut to the present coronavirus pandemic, and now as a Satanist witnessing the outlandish and even reckless behavior of numerous self-proclaimed Christian nationalists and spokespeople for God, I find myself asking whether they’re serious, or rather whether they’re taking COVID-19 and the deaths it’s causing seriously enough. In this post, I explore this question of seriousness in the face of pandemic in light of the practice, much in evidence these days, of demonization. I suggest that Christians have inherited a Biblical tradition of not taking demons and the demonic seriously, except insofar as they display obvious zeal for demonizing and driving from their societies’ midsts any and all who do not and will not conform. Supernatural or superhuman demons, they scoff at, smug in the confidence they place in the power of their unseen “Lord” to overcome all, an attitude they’re acting on even now when coronavirus has us all in its grip. To summon up the demon of this post in its full, infernal long-form, click here for more.  

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