Bathrooms, Freedom from Oppression, and the Yellow Flow

You’ve heard of Christmas in July. Well, how about a little July at Christmas time? This older essay migrated from Tumblr now that I’ve decided to shut my account there down in the wake of their war on carnality and sex continues the theme of urine from the previous post. It details an episode that played out while waiting to use a Starbucks bathroom on the fourth of July of 2017. The encounter put me in mind of the battle over so-called Potty Parity that played out in my adoptive state of Texas in the 90s and prompts some meditation on the uses and abuses of bathrooms as loci for discrimination and repression of disfavored groups. Enforcing your will on others’ bodies is the most primal form of domination, and attempting to dictate where individuals do and do not go potty has long proven one societally “acceptable” means of exercising such control. But, at the end of the day, when you gotta go, you gotta go, and the pee, uh, finds a way to be free. The struggle over Potty Parity is about remedying unequal access to restroom accommodation, and in the absence of such equal access, strong individuals and groups impatient for equal rights will naturally seek their own, immediate, and natural remedies for answering nature’s call. If you feel the urgent pressure building inside you to know more, click here.    

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