An Abundance of Meaning from a relative Paucity of Symbols

For the month of November, posts here will all center around the general theme of abundance. I get the cornucopia started here with a post that deals with great abundance of the potential for meaning in appropriating historical words and symbols and imbuing them with new and different meaning in an effort to make them your own. Languages are discrete combinatorial systems: they use a minimum of basic elements, recycled in an infinite number of possible combinations, to create a never-ending source of new meanings. I start off by partially walking back some of the discussion from the recent tongue-in-cheek ancient languages post and pointing out a pervasive Latin grammatical error in a common Satanic phrase said every day and featured in multiple places on my own blog. From this humble beginning, I take a look at a whole slew of words and symbols Satanists have adopted and co-opted, all as a part of creating new Satanic meaning within and on the backs of older religious material. History is abundant in source material for the inventiveness of us humans and the abundant meaning-making machines that we are. To follow Ezra Pound’s famous dictum and “make it new,” click here.

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