Missionaries and Imposing Communication

As promised in the last post on Communication as Imposition: The Satanics of so-called Free Speech, here is the story of the time when I was accosted by an evangelizer while waiting at a bus stop as an undergrad. What started out like an innocent—and honest!—question quickly turned, through a deceptive bait and switch, into a missionary encounter I did not expect or consent to. But my interrogator and interlocutor didn’t care for my expectations, nor for whether or not I consented to communication with him. Like so many missionaries and evangelizers, he was willing to sacrifice even effective, cooperative communication for a shot at sharing the gospel. So this is really the story of so many more communicative abuses by missionaries than just that one personal encounter I had so long ago. If the deceptive practices of missionaries is a subject of interest, practical concern, or just morbid fascination for you, you’ll want to click here to get the full story. I promise: this communication is no trick.

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