Regular readers of this blog will know that, for the past couple of years or so, I have been an active member of the local chapter of a Satanic organization. I’ve enjoyed my involvement with the group very much and don’t regret any time or effort spent on its behalf. I’ve become more and more aware of late, however, that my own Satanic values, principles, and purposes are now significantly diverging, and that this divergence has become so pronounced that I can no longer continue as a member of the organization. 

So as to clarify my organizational commitments and allegiances to my readership, I hereby announce my departure from any and all official Satanic groups. I wish the organization I was formerly with and those among my friends who will continue their association with it all the best in their on-going evolution during this time of painful transition. 

I leave you with a quote from the first Dr. Who played by William Hartnell at the conclusion of the sixth episode of the original incarnation of the show: “Just go forward in all your beliefs and prove that I am not mistaken in mine.” May Satanism continue to flourish and diversify. And may we all continue to grow as Satanists.

Ave Satanas! Hail Satan!     


Anno Diaboli LII

3 thoughts on “Ch—ch—Changes!

  1. Must be something in the air, because it seems like there’s a lot of this sort of thing going around lately. Myself and several other bloggers I follow are either taking breaks or taking leave from long-standing fixtures and relationships in their lives. Or maybe it’s a small sample size and selective validation?

    The world may never know.

    At any rate, uh… I hope you know I still love you?

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    • As we near the fall of the year, it’s only natural that old allegiances begin to die off and fall away. The brittle world dies back a little in order to regather its strength, mend wounds, and ready itself for the coming explosion of spring. Or some flowery shit like that! Sample error is pandemic for a species that restricts its active social circle usually to 150-200 people and whose individuals live normally for a century or less. We’re only human after all!

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