Will the Real Satanic Temple Please Stand Up?

An internal rift within The Satanic Temple (TST) has spread into popular publications and external social media, highlighting an important set of struggles within the organization: between the original founders & friends and some of the wider national and international community that have come to embrace the group, between crusaders for principle and more pragmatically minded Satanists. Satanists in general have not traditionally been known for insisting on scruple, and that’s part of what made TST explosive in the early days, with its ability to assert and hold onto moral high ground in struggles with theocrats. The new internal debate, however, involving the group’s controversial professional relationship with a controversial First Amendment attorney and related issues, threatens to give the lie to the former perception that TST occupies some kind of principled high ground in its struggle for both public religion and the heart & soul of modern atheistic Satanism. To find out more, pull up a seat by clicking here.

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