Seeking Superiority Over Others Doesn’t Make You Exceptional; It Makes You Common

It sure is awkward when a conservative, right-wing Christian Dominionist ends up echoing the Church of Satan’s and modern Luciferian arguments against the very concept of equality. In this case, the Devil and the Church seem best friends because they’re both advancing the same line of argumentation: we’re special; others are not; therefore, equality is a myth, Q.E.D. This is a pernicious and essentially fallacious line of reasoning. Healthy people tend to assume they’re special and above average in some critical way. Social psychologists have long recognized this fact. There’s nothing wrong with it. But coming to believe that commitment to what makes oneself special necessitates denial of others’ equal claims not only to themselves being special in some capacity but even to sharing equal humanity with oneself is dangerous. In this piece, I argue that we should beware arguments against basic equality, for they usually mask programs of dominion and domination that can never be anything but ugly. To find out more, come on in. All comers are equally welcome.

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