Satan at the Crossroads Lecture Series

It was late night—or possibly early morning—during one of the socials for the local Satanic group I participate with, deep in the dog days of summer, 2017. One of the leaders of the group approached me with an idea: why didn’t I see about preparing a presentation of some sort about something having to do [...]

Musings on back to school and cycles repeating themselves

Children make you begin to see time more in cycles. Had Nietzsche ever bothered to have kids, he would doubtless not have worried so over the concept of the Eternal Return. Living day in, day out with miniature versions of yourself that reflect back to you every regrettable word and deeply flawed behavioral trait forces [...]

Will the Real Satanic Temple Please Stand Up?

An internal rift within The Satanic Temple (TST) has spread into popular publications and external social media, highlighting an important set of struggles within the organization: between the original founders & friends and some of the wider national and international community that have come to embrace the group, between crusaders for principle and more pragmatically [...]

The Satanic Temple and the Struggle for Satanic Scruple

I’m confused about how to understand the Satanic Temple (TST) and its activities these days. Time was, articles were appearing on Patheos, lauding the group’s Seven Fundamental Tenets and dubbing them “morally superior” to the (in)famous Ten Commandments of Abrahamic religion and popular, culture-war wrangling. Then, once TST’s Protect Children initiative and the Texas billboards [...]

Seeking Superiority Over Others Doesn’t Make You Exceptional; It Makes You Common

It sure is awkward when a conservative, right-wing Christian Dominionist ends up echoing the Church of Satan's and modern Luciferian arguments against the very concept of equality. In this case, the Devil and the Church seem best friends because they're both advancing the same line of argumentation: we're special; others are not; therefore, equality is [...]

Dangerous Exceptionalism

In late June, a slew of national reporting drew attention to the Republican nominee for North Carolina State House District 48, Russell Walker, and the fact that he freely and openly admits to being a White Supremacist. What’s more, Walker claims that God Himself is a White Supremacist and that there’s therefore absolutely nothing wrong [...]