You can’t be branché if you’re not even plugged in

The French expression être branché literally means “to be plugged in,” but figuratively refers to being au courant, à la mode, keeping up with the times and being well connected to the folks who matter. As a Satanist, I’ve rarely had much of this feeling in my life. Rather, I seem to rather thoroughly and carefully have avoided all such lasting connections in my life. SO this whole being a part of a Satanic group thing has proved a real challenge for me. After a six month period in which I have found myself perpetually on the verge of just throwing in the towel and giving up on Satanic community, I have come to a realization that a common pattern in my life is to pull back from connection just when it’s at its closest and most potent. An arch perfectionist, I’ve perhaps been more than a little afraid of losing control and allowing the messy organics inherent in interpersonal relations to turn into the fertile soil connection at its best can be. If you’re interested in a Satanic view of connection and reconnection, plug in by clicking here.

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