In search of the “Devil’s Fane”

Any casual perusal of this site should lead to two key conclusions: first, the phrase “the Devil’s Fane” is clearly important to me as a Satanist; second, the proximal source of that phrase is a passage from Anton Szandor LaVey’s 1969 publication The Satanic Bible. But is that the ultimate source of the phrase? Are there earlier examples of the phrase in English, examples that might have provided LaVey with a model for his use of it? The purpose of this post is to examine this question and consider a couple of prior uses of “the Devil’s fane” in English that may well have influenced LaVey in one way or another. Along the way, I hope you’ll (re)discover precisely why this phrase has such importance for me in terms of my Satanic thought and practice. Maybe it can become equally important to you as well. To begin the search, click here.

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