A Satanic take on Father’s Day & the Mythos of Filial Piety

World mythology abounds with tales of intergenerational conflict, many centering on the abuses of a wicked stepmother or a son’s struggle to overthrow his father. As a Satanist, I really resonate with narratives like these and that of Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. Parents represent the first and most persistent threat to self-will and true bodily autonomy. Is it any wonder, then, that stories from traditional myths to modern pop culture dwell so much on problematic parent-child relations? On this Father’s Day and as a father myself, here I offer some musings on parents, children, the false notion of filial piety, and the Satanic drive toward fictive parricide for full self-actualization. Sharpen your knives and slake your thirst for parental blood by clicking here.

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