What Has WHITE Supremacy to do with the BLACK Flame?

In a word: nothing. Unfortunately, some racist, neo-nazi, alt-right types refuse to rest content with that answer and push ahead anyway with their intended unholy union of Satanism with racism. In a political climate in the U.S. where white supremacy and ethnonationalism are seemingly emboldened by a White House and a Republican party that are proving increasingly sympathetic to such ideas, neo-nazi alt-righters are popping up with increasing frequency in Atheist, Pagan, and even Satanic circles as well. To quote from my article: “This is a problem. I refuse to let rabid curs enter my home, let alone shit on the carpet.” This post is my ode to renunciation of racist Satanic pretenders. Deplatforming racists and expelling them from the ranks is about reversing dominance and restoring the balance of sovereignty of will and body. Oppressing the oppressor is a restorative act, bringing back a just economy of freedom where previously it was hoarded by the dominant against the dominated. Click here to read more.

2 thoughts on “What Has WHITE Supremacy to do with the BLACK Flame?

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