Rosemary’s Baby and Generational Conflict

Just finished listening to the latest podcast by Black Mass Appeal all about the 1968 movie Rosemary’s Baby and the eponymous 1967 novel by Ira Levin on which it was based. I was surprised to hear no one during the discussion really treat what I’ve always regarded as the single most likely and most readily [...]

Satanism, Piracy, and Playing well with Others

Satanists and pirates share a surprising amount of common ground, both in the real-world and the fictionalized romantic versions of each. Both, too, have significant trouble from time to time playing well with and getting along with others. Humans love to form groups and to pit their groups against one another in contests for both [...]

Pirates, Satanists, and the New Horizon of Human Groupishness

You may have noticed lately I’ve been squabbling with another bunch of Satanists. It’s ok: as a Satanist myself, I’m not above being bitchy and getting in a good row. Plus, there may just be something in human nature that actually enjoys violence and a nice, dirty fight every now and then. At least it [...]