A Wretched Defense of Wretched Writ

Critical outsiders often find themselves criticizing religious groups’ scriptures on grounds of both style and substance. When religious groups respond to such criticisms, they often attempt to dodge the heart of the objections by drawing attention to extremities of emotion, evoking pity by spinning tales of founders’ and authors’ disadvantaged backgrounds, against which the mere appearance of the religious writ in question is near, if not outright, miraculous. This underhanded and logically fallacious appeal to pity against objections raised to sacred writ, I have dubbed the wretched writ fallacy. In this post, I describe and illustrate the fallacy not only from the activities of traditional religious groups, but even from a recent spat with an atheistic Satanic organization. The purpose is to help others who engage in polemics with aggressive religious groups to understand and recognize the manipulation, lest they fall victim to its illegitimate suasion. To explore further, click here.

One thought on “A Wretched Defense of Wretched Writ

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