The Satanic Games: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

On April 15, 2018, the UK-based Church of Rational Satanism (CoRS) took aim squarely at The Satanic Temple (TST) by publishing a blog post critiquing TST’s 7 Fundamental Tenets. The criticisms, which take issue with the vagueness of many terms employed in the Tenets and charge TST members and leadership with hypocrisy for not living up to the standards embodied in the principles, seem to want to force Satanism generally or at least TST in specific into a rigid, dogmatic mold where interpretation of fundamental principles and freedom of action on the basis of such intepretation are not up to individual members. Yet the CoRS also argues against dogma in other of their blog posts. The real bottom line of their criticism seems rather to have to do with frustration at the notoriety achieved by TST and the organization’s insistence on pushing a polyglot, heterodox kind of modern atheistic Satanism that emphasizes some basic ideas but leaves their ultimate interpretation and implementation very much up to individual Satanists. If you want front-row seats at the newest shitshow in town, click here and pull up a seat.

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