Unscrupulous Hugs: A Love Letter

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, but I reckon it’s never too late to pen a love letter to people you care for. As a human concerned for other human beings and as a Satanist intensely interested in issues of autonomy, self-making, “authenticity” versus “artificiality,” and normativity, I’ve chosen on more than one occasion to write about transgender identity and transgender rights. Once, a close friend and avid reader of my blog signaled his unease with this choice of topic and, in so doing, inspired me to go on a reading quest in search of understanding Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) and its connection to transgender issues. I’ve come out of all of that with an even greater admiration and respect for individuals who make such momentous and grave decisions to transform themselves so completely in pursuit of the lives they choose to live and that bring them the greatest satisfaction in living. I choose not to judge such individuals, but to celebrate them and to offer them my unscrupulous hugs: hugs devoid of morality and ethical debates, empty of everything save a space for a little human contact at a moment when they may most need it. If you’re up for one, click here.

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