The end-game for Satanists in the public eye

When The Satanic Temple gets involved in legal challenges to state-sanctioned spaces where Christianity and its representatives receive privileged access to public religious expression that is denied to atheists and minority religions, governments often move to shut down public religious expression entirely rather than to admit Satanists as equal players on the field. This pattern of behavior has been given the title of Lucien’s Law. Now that transgender woman Danica Roem has won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates, Republican lawmakers in the state are moving to do away with traditional forms of address like “gentlewoman” that would force them to recognize Roem as a woman. This post argues that this pattern, too, represents a form of Lucien’s Law and uses this analogy to argue further that it is no cause for celebration when governments shut down public spaces for religious expression rather than permit minority players equal access. What we’re after is recognition and representation. Both of these goals require that public forums remain open. Government sanction is the best way to ensure that true diversity and pluralism can achieve full expression. Open the forum here.

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