The Reality of Religious Pluralism in the U.S., Part 3

This third installment in the three-part series on religious pluralism and the hagio-historical revisionism that seeks to eclipse it from view covers the record of the first prayer ever before a U.S. congressional body, at the Continental Congress in 1774. The complex story behind this prayer is one of religious diversity, divisive religion intertwined with [...]

The Reality of Religious Pluralism in the U.S., Part 2

This second installment of the three-part series on religious pluralism in the United States and conservative Christian attempts at hagiographical historical revisionism to edit this reality out of public awareness deals with an episode that occurred during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 when Benjamin Franklin arose at a moment of impasse and proposed that the [...]

American Religious Pluralism is Real, Pt. 2

President Dwight D. Eisenhower—the president who personally presided over the changes to both the U.S. motto and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag—offered some pietistic observations on early American history and the issue of prayer at the Dedicatory Breakfast of the International Christian Leadership on February 5, 1953, an event which has been held [...]

The illusion of Christian unity and dominance in the U.S.: American religious pluralism is real

In a November post on her Patreon page, writer, thinker, and religious activist Megan Kennedy argued that we must face “a hard truth of modern American society: religious pluralism, in practice, is an illusion.” Kennedy finds evidence for her claim in the abusive treatment meted out by Fox News host Tucker Carlson to a prominent [...]

Religious pluralism versus religious unity in America: Which is real and which an illusion?

Writer Megan Kennedy has argued from the ill-treatment a prominent Satanist received at the hands of Fox News host Tucker Carlson that religious pluralism in this country is illusory. Carlson's arrogance and deliberate obtuseness in refusing to recognize Satanism as legitimate betoken an inflated sense of majority Christian religious privilege that would seek to hound [...]