Satanic Identity

Anton LaVey had a lot to say about creating artificial humans. There is something inherently Satanic in the idea of self-authorship. Modern identity politics, though, insists on a more traditional notion of identity as foisted from without. Claims to identity are usually treated as verifiably and falsifiably truth-conditional. However, from earliest childhood, humans are master chameleons, genuinely enjoying the constant play of identity inherent in games like “dress-up.” As play with transgender, non-binary, and even racial identities gets more and more press, the ugliness of truth-conditional concepts of identity becomes apparent. A more Satanic approach would be to regard identity-play as essentially expressive, signaling a stance the individual is taking to themself and the world around them, but not making a claim on the truth of the objective world. Claiming an identity is like yelling goddamn! It expresses feeling, garners attention, irrevocably alters social relations. The one thing it doesn’t do, though, is stake a claim others can evaluate for truth or falsity. For more, click here goddamit!

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