The Left-Hand Path

Satanism is often referred to as belonging to or providing an example of a “Left-Hand Path” (LHP). One way of thinking about the distinction between LHP and the Right-Hand Path (RHP) is in terms of the eternal separation versus union of the individual intelligence with the rest of the objective world. But what does this really look like on the ground? Many who advocate for LHP entertain a kind of might is right perspective that the LHP is a sort of rugged, frontier-style individualism without regard or care for others who may stand in the way. This post argues that seeking dominance over others’ sovereign wills and inviolable bodies is nothing more than the essence of what has historically characterized coercive RHP traditions. The true LHP stands apart from millennia of human social evolution in light of which we organize into tribal units, treating the in-group with one, relatively high moral standard and the out-group with another, much lower moral standard or none at all. For more on the high ground of the LHP, branch off here. To the left, of course!

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