Is Satanism Evil?

Part of what makes “coming out” as a Satanist so tough is the common association in most folks’ minds of the name Satan with the concept of evil. But is Satanism really evil? As you might expect, the answer to that question depends on where you’re coming from. If, by evil, you mean what most on the outside of Satanism looking in mean, then no, Satanism is not evil. Not only that, but the notion of cultivating and even “worshipping” a principle of utter and complete destruction is not itself logically coherent. An embodiment of total destructive evil amounts to the ultimate nihilism and could not exist. On the question of pursuing evil through action, the universal principle of sovereignty of individual will and inviolability of individual physical person inhibits the usual lawlessness and physical assaults on both humans and animals that most associate with “Satanic Panic”-style Satanism. For more on this rich topic, abandon hope and plunge to the depths of hell here.

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